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Fond rose, nervures, bulles dégradé de rose 3 - Dimpless

Targeted action on subcutaneous fat

Dimpless® is a natural bioactive melon juice concentrate. Naturally rich in the antioxidant enzyme superoxyde dismutase (SOD), Dimpless® can boost the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.

By restoring a healthy oxidative state, Dimpless® positively impacts fatty tissue metabolism. Oral supplementation has been linked to the activation of lipolysis and a reduction of adipocyte hypertrophy and fibrosis of collagen fibers.

This multi-parametric effect on fatty tissue disorders explains the efficacy of Dimpless® on subcutaneous fat deposits and visible cellulite.

An exceptional source of SOD

The melon variety behind Dimpless® derives its originality from an incredible shelf life due to a concentration of superoxide dismutase (SOD) that is 5 to 10 times higher than that of a conventional variety.

Today, the seeds of this unique non-GMO variety are our exclusive property. Each year, they are entrusted to a small group of long-standing producers.

The melons are grown in the South of France according to a reasoned or organic production, and harvested by hand at optimum maturity.

Gros plan sur une tranche de melon frais à la main - Dimpless

Quality & traceability

From the seed to the final ingredient, Dimpless® is fully traceable!

A patented, environmentally friendly process

Dimpless® is manufactured through an environmentally-friendly and gentle process, involving only mechanical steps without the use of solvents or additives.

Successive filtration steps and rigorous temperature management allow a gradual concentration of the fruit’s antioxidant capacities.

Thanks to an encapsulation step, our melon concentrate is, fully protected and its bioactivity is guaranteed.

superoxide dismutase : a patented eco process - Dimpless

To meet the growing needs of consumers and adapt to all your formulations, Dimpless® is available in a complete range of coatings suitable for:

– Food supplements (tablets, capsules, gummies, etc.)
– Instant drinks (powders, sachets, etc.)
– Functional foods (bars, chocolates, etc.)
– Cosmetics (creams, gels, etc.)

We also offer a vegan and an organic coating.